Friday, November 24, 2006

Ill, does that read 3, well it's Ill (ohh)

Typography, plays a very important role in day to days life. Apart from verbal communication we have only written communication to express our feelings concisely. Verbal communication has an advantage of adding emotions by means of various sounds but written lacks it. It may not convey what needs to be. And in this the kind of fonts (typography) you use is a critical factor of deciding what information is passed. As you can see in the title there are 3 l. The reason I have chosen to write in this font is to distiguish between I and l. Oh they are not 'l' but it's Ill rather ill(case made a difference here). So you see wrong selection of font can lead you to such a situation. And that's why as a designer it's very important to study typography.

Actually, i was ill since last two days and trying to jot down my experiences in hospital (for the first time). But I encountered this typography problem when writing blog and my designer mind clicked (he he he, the semester is going to end and I have roughly become a designer).

May be I can write about my illness later. The topic became a typographical issue this time.


ami da said...

typo is interesting but so very difficult... looking forward to lessons from you, boss!

Kumar said...

sure. though i did not take up the subject. it was an elective against photography. any ways it's always good to learn by thyself.