Sunday, January 14, 2007

Uttarayan at IIT

14th January is celebrated as MakarSankranti across India. Oh let me be a little simple. It's kite festival. We fly kites for the whole day and enjoy a lot. Entire sky is covered with kites of different sizes, shapes and colors. And in Ahmedabad, the place from where I am, it's totaly different environment. People come to their terraces with food snacks and ofcourse kites and spend the entire day over there. Music is played, kites are flown, chikki, mamra laddoo are eaten and fultoo enjoyment is done. And as if one day is short Amdavadis celebrate "Vaasi Uttarayan" that is 15th January is also sequeled in the celebrations.

I missed all these enjoyment of Ahmedabad while in IIT. So what IITians are also not nerds. They too organized a kite festival. I went there at 4 in evening and flew kites. The thrill is in making the kite fly without any air and once it's high up in the sky dodging with other kite. There is a war between all the kites in sky as if some dog-fight of fighter planes is going on.

Late in night we had "Lohri" celebrated in hostel 8. It was kinda campfire.

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ami ahalpara said...

wow you enjoyed!! :)