Saturday, February 24, 2007

Claude Garamond

It's all typography on my mind, desk, laptop and assignments these days.
Understanding Indian typefaces is really a challenging job especially when you need to deal with 26 different languages and each language having it's own typefaces.
Have you ever seen "Malyalam" font.
I'll show and you'll be baffled as to how it can be designed. With more than 5 levels of ascenders and descenders it gets quite complex to handle.

Well the topic however reads something different. As a part of course we are supposed to study the life and works of one of the typographers. So we have Claude Garamond on our list.

The beauty of Garamond font is it's consitency and lucidity.

However there are many contradictions going in history as to who is original compiler of this types. Garamond fonts were modeled after the handwriting of Angelos Vergetiosrom. And later after his death the punches and matrices of the types were acquired by Christoph Plantin from Antwerp, the Le Bé type foundry and the Frankfurt foundry Egenolff-Bermer and given new looks.
Contemporary Garamond examples can be found in Adobe Garamond and ITC Garamond.

Apple chose Garamond as it's official font for mac OS, French government chose the same fonts for all documentation. The typeface used in the hardcover editions of the Harry Potter books is Adobe Garamond.

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