Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Typographical attempt

As a part of typography course this semester we need to study typography of Indian scripts. As a step towards it we were asked to write our name in our own mother tongue and then make it look like Universe Bold font. And I came out with this. It's not that simple to just come out with this version. It takes lots of time and effort to minutely study different elements of a given font and them inculcate them into a new one (esp. when it is Indian).

We were also asked to try out the names by calligraphy. The scanned images will be uploaded soon.


nirmal said...

Hey Kumar,
I do appreciate the attempt at your Gujarati Universe Bold. There are some small glitches though. The typeface to language modulation exercise does require a more in depth study of both the script and the design philosophy of the typeface. Gujarati script analysis can give you a lot of information about the perception of the letterforms and their integration as structure of the language as well. At the same time, a thorough study of the typeface viz. Universe Bold will help you determine the skeletal structure on which the typeface is designed. The X-height, stroke width, ascenders/descenders and the extremas should be modified based on Gujarati script and its limitations and requirements for the language.

Nirmal Biswas

Kumar said...

Thanks for all the suggestions.
I'll surely do that