Thursday, February 08, 2007

Words of wisdom

As a part of ICOGRADA design week in India, IDC has organized 2 day International Design conference. The response from students, faculties and professionals from around the India is overwhelming. During the conference we have many eminent designers speak about their design journey and the design in their respective countries.

At the end of day one we had "Meet the GrandMasters" session in which we had open session of questions and answers.
Following are some of the words of these GrandMasters

April Greiman -- "Don't give up against client demands if they are not correct by design. Do what is correct design"
"Designer is a teacher to the client".

Prof. Mahendra Patel who is one the most respected typographer of India stole the show by giving real life examples in his typical gujju (gujarati) accent. In his own words ".. never promise high to client. But always deliver more. This excites client..."


AmiDA said...
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AmiDA said...

liked a lot what april said :)
please do post more experiences at icograda...