Saturday, March 24, 2007


Awesome movie. awesome graphics, awesome music, and awesome fight sequences.

This movie though violent (for weak hearts) gets 9/10 from me. Well 1 mark goes off in creating the realistic views. It comes out that many scenes are worked upon in computer.

The story is based on Battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C between Spartans, known for their valour, fighting spirit and tactics and Persians.
The fury in fights, atmosphere of fear and courage have been aptly brought out by use of computer graphics. There are jaw dropping action sequences and sets. And how is that done? u need to see this movie. Would be great to see in theater.
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AmiDA said...

true man! awesome effects, yucky violence!

Neha said...

Have heard the movie is gruesome!!!

NightElf said...

Aye the movie is gruesome. But great action. Based of a graphic Novel of the same name which in turn is based on the Battle of Thermopyle.
Spartans didn't fight with almost no armour btw, but a lot of creative liberties were taken for the novel and movie and as a movie it came of well :)
You know they did only one day of on location shooting. The rest was divided amongst blue screen and green screen shots.

Gandalf said...

The storyline is not gripping. Showing 300 liters of blood on screen does not make a great movie!! The fight sequences were also extremely graphic. I should not be comparing it with these, but movies like Troy and Gladiator are in a much superior league than this!