Thursday, March 15, 2007

Team dynamics

One of the important aspect of running a project smoothly and reach success is to have excellent team dynamics. The team members have to work in frequency with same goal in mind. Though they may take different routes to achieve the goal they should keep in mind that in their process the load is not going on one team member. A project or task given to a group cannot be easily achieved if the entire load is taken by one person and others put in their efforts at intervals thinking their contribution is going to drive.
Constant and equal amount of input is required from all the members because in the end it is going to be called a team effort and not individual. And it would be very bad if the project has nearly reached the target just because of one person.

Each member of the team should behave as if family understanding the load of work.

Though this was known to me since my professional life, it struck me once again while working on a project in college.

These are golden rules of making project a success.


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