Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What is art?

Trying to find out the answer from common man.
What is perceived as art.
Is it physical or abstract? Is it good or bad? Are there any types?
What effect does it create to the viewer?

These are some of the questions that we have in our mind. But never set out to ask?
Atleast I haven't ever tried. But now as a part of one of my assignments looking at the varied (and weird) definitions of art from people who are not at all related with art (ohh! how do I know who is related to art and who is not). I'm myself not clear.

So the journey begins...


AmiDA said...

please do post about it when you find out... would like to know!

Jigar said...

I don't know about it much. According to me Art is an implementation of the thoughts stimulated from your heart.

Maulik said...

I wasn't much clear about it myself before I came to attend SCAD. Now I realize that art is just not about expression, it's broader in sense. Art is related with human and its nature, how we perceive and how we reflect by sensing something. Actually art word itself has different meanings, but in general when you say art there are main 2 meanings, skill and art field. So when you say cooking is also an art, it means it's a skill or may be an area where you can incorporate creativity. I guess I have some more ideas but difficult to get them into words. But art is just not a painting or a drawing or any abstract work. Art covers pretty much everything that is created in context to human senses that makes human feel something.

Remember the design principles? They are based on a theory called gestalt which is a study of human psychology based on how human perceive visuals. So when we say balance in the image or design means it's visual balance to give viewer an ease while looking at that picture. Psychologically it matters and that's why we usually follow the principles.

But do let us know what you find out.