Saturday, March 10, 2007


Everyone one on earth has a wish list of own. No creature can escape this truth. Ans so do I !!

But my wish list ranges from anything to anything. It's so huge and it's constantly bugging my li'l head that I think I need 48 hours in a day.

Academics wishlist
  • complete assignments
  • get good grades
  • get internship
  • increase friends circle
  • learn new things every day
  • Google sketchup
  • Microsoft expression suite
  • J-TAPI
  • Advance-advanced actionscript
  • PHP
  • Parallel port programming
  • Typography-typographers
  • Sketching
  • Cariacatures
  • Information visualization
  • Usability (??? ooooooo)
  • Kalligrapher
  • K-storm
  • Dyna-klock
  • Timeline
  • Dynamic data mapper
  • Mobile computer interaction software
  • Computer interfacing with tangible objects

Oh my God I need to get back to work...

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