Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bored of sending sms from mobile

Well I'm bored of sendins sms (short messages) from my mobile. Though I don't send messages that often I think typing the message in mobile is cumbersome job. What if the function is delegated to computer.
So you send the message via PC.

Well to reveal the mystery this is one of the assignment given to me as a part of prototype development by my prof. Hmmm... so this sounded interesting to me.
But i'm toiling to find the solution how it can be achieved. Well though I'm little bit successful in getting the documentation I need to try my hands on it.

Anxiously waiting for somebody's mobile phone to become my testing device.


Jigar said...

man you get to learn about SMS gateway. We are successfully able to send sms using television over SMS gateway. Actually I was not in that project but you can start learning from this point.

Maulik said...

Want simple solution? Buy a mobile that has a software with it that simulates mobile from PC. I used to send messages from PC through my connected phone. I only didnt like it because software was not efficient to my expectations.

But I like sending messages from mobile if mobile has soft switches, I love my Sony T610 I could type a hell fast, but then mobile would not respond it would animate each character like typewriter effect. My new sony erricson W550 has amazing processor so typing is so much fun, doesnt lag, but I wish it had as good keys as T610