Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Game Design - Crossing Frustration line and achieving Nirvana

Well till last sunday I was quite frustrated with the advancement we made in designing a game.Lots of idea were coming to mind but was not able to concentrate on one. Finally the idea of simulating Football on a board came to my mind and we started playing the game and developing the rules for it. While playing the games we encountered situations which were not mentioned as rules, but they did gave us chance to formulate new rules to counter those tricky situations. And when we took it to sir he liked some of the ideas of rules of game. But he said that simulating a real world game on board is nothing new. Lot of work has been done on it. And yet they are not quite successful. Also we have computer simulation games too for them. So why would anybody play a board game. It's not possible to introduce the elements of real physical world and their constraints on a board game. Even when we take analogy it comes with it's own set of rules and directions. And so our idea of football was kinda right away rejected. With frustration in mind me any my game design partner sat together for brain storming. We were very much attached to the game of football we developed on board. But we need to leave the idea. Also many of the moves in the games were kinda unique and original which we didn't want to reject also. I kept on thinking for 3 hours with nothing substantial. Each time I came up with an idea and in the process of developing it, ideas of new games were emerging. We discussed the strategies of football and other games that popped in our minds and decided to stick with game of football. But we changed the concept entirely and now it's no more a football. Infact I won't say the idea of our final game emerged from football only. It was a combination of many ideas. One of our ideas in the beginning of game design was a treasure hunt sort of game, which really didn't took up (thanks to my lack of concentration on just one game and highly efficient brain which was giving new ideas each second). But we thought it's a nice idea coz it has got all the elements of forming a game (will make a new post of evaluating a game for it's gameness). So we took up this idea and combined it with football and lot many other ideas, resulting in a new game called "......" well the name is not decided yet.


AmiDA said...

brainstorming is soooooooooooo fun!! :) its like sitting in a cirle to watch ideas grow.....
good luck with the game design!

Maulik said...

Wow sounds like you are having a lot of fun man. This will be one of my dream project :)
Anywawy I understand the frustration you are going through. This is kind of left and right brain theory situation. When you dont feel that a particular idea is strong enough because of your right brain. Did you set some basic guidelines in filtering the ideas? Like uniqueness of the idea can be decided from some basic questions and then you can measure it using those questions. I hope I made some sense.

Do post more about this, I am curious to know.