Thursday, July 12, 2007

Time management for designers

Designers are free souls. They like to do work whenever they like. There are no time constraints for them. Till now what I have experienced is that we do most of our work in the last minutes of submissions or deadlines. Though we try to follow a strict timeline and management system, last minute change is cent percent expected hence whatever significant work is done is in the last minutes/hours.

So do you agree with this?

Well I don't agree fully. It's true that creativity needs time ( a lot of time for really creative and logical work). But then what's the use of it if it doesn't happen at the required hour?

We need to atleast chalk out our activities and deadlines and most importantly what is to be done. The last part is the most important and deadly one. As a designer you need to fix your mind to one thing that is most appropriate. You can't experiment till the last minute and still say that the work would have been done better. Well then it's not the final design.

One of my professors is too good in this. From the very beginning of the project he's quite clear of what needs to be done and how much time it'll take. And then he plans the things leaving buffer time at the end to cope up with any unexpected jobs. Yes true that the kind of foresightedness he has comes with experience, but we need to start practicing it from now.

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Jigar said...

If you think it as the programmer it is also true. Soemtimes there are several ways but you need to pick up the best one. Again it doesn't end there, still after implementing you need a plenty of time to test or look it. About work within deadline ... improving oneself to 100% accurate is much difficult. And achieving that task within deadline is more difficult than that. Anyway so far I haven't seen any such a perfact person. You can be one :).