Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday Movie - Rashomon

Let me tell you one thing first. I am not a movie freak neither do I watch movie to arrive at certain judgement. It either entertains me or not. I have not fallen in the trap of analyzing the movies before, as done by critics and artists. Though I do notice sound, special effects, twisting and turnings in the movie, camera angle and something like it. To cut it down, I may not be able to get in long hours of discussion on a movie and it's characteristics.

IDC has a tradition to screen two movies (animation and regular) on Friday evening. Yesterday it was Rashomon by Akira Kurosawa screened. I joined the film nearly 20 minutes late. Because I knew the story of the movie (rest apart the suspense), I could start. The movie is shown from the perspectives of 4 different people. The same story is told by 4 characters of the movie. Though whatever they told must be right is their sense it differed for the audience. However at many points they seemed to be same one.
The story in a nutshell is like this. A couple is going through the jungle and famous bandit of Rashomon (town/city) Tajomaro attacks them. He ties the husband and rapes the wife. After the incidence the husband is found dead. Later on they are moved to the court for trial and their they describe what's been there.
And all this is again retold by a person who himself witnessed the scene.
The best part in the movie I like is when the man says that "there is nothing like honesty or humane, it's because man wants to hide all bad stuff he has resorted to these words and wear cloak of it"... and so on.
Movie is black and white and at many points it seemed to be funny too. Like when there was a fight going between husband and bandit they were continuously falling down. Now this is not expected from people from the land of kung fu.

Anyways in a nutshell I liked the movie and it entertained me.

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