Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy Independence Day

India got freedom before 60 years on 15th August 1947. To represent a country it needs to have it's identity. This can be in form of culture, heritage and the history that it has carried so far. But this is not enough. The knowledge may not be known to all the world over. Moreover it has to be language independent. Hence comes the role of flag. A national flag represents the identity of a nation. It's pride, culture and virtues.
This initiated me to look in to the history of Indian Flag. Well designing it would be tough task then. To represent an integral India when it was divided geographically.
Some of the good links are here

And one interesting thing was also found.
There are rules as to where the flag can be hoisted represented by a 3x2 matrix.
This is called Vexillological Symbol.
  • civil flag – Flown by citizens on land.
  • state flag – Flown on public buildings.
  • war flag – Flown on military buildings.
  • civil ensign – Flown on private vessels (fishing craft, cruise ships, yachts, etc).
  • state ensign – Flown on unarmed government vessels.
  • war ensign – Flown on warships
More of this at Wikipedia >>
Indian flag can be furled on citizens land, public buildings and military buildings.
This gives an immediate information about the code of Hoisting Indian Flag. That's information theory.

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