Thursday, January 31, 2008


illumi-letter is an interactive installation set up in IDC during Techfest 2008 in IIT Bombay.
Design is an inevitable part of any innovation and technological development. It goes hand in hand with technology to give products that succeed and be a part of common man life. To bring this thing to notice, installations were set up in IDC as a part of Techfest. Techfest attracts engineers from around the country. It is important that they understand the importance of design in early stage before stepping in industry. As a student of Design we thought it is our responsibility to do so. Techfest also attracts common man because of it's competitions. Hence this is the right time to put up something designer that's understood by technologists as well as laymen.

illumi-letter is one such installation.
illumi-letter enables a participant to interact with the screen and draw. The input medium is a source of light. The participant waves the light source in dark, the gestures are captured and drawn on screen in form of letters of a message. See the image below.

The video can be seen here
Drawing starts when the light is switched on and completes when it's switched off. Once the light is switched off, the last drawing starts animating itself. It repeats the gestures performed by the participant continuously.
A continuous background music is played in the installation. However when a participant interacts with the screen by waving the light source, beats of music are added to the current track to give an altogether different experience.

Designing and developing the installation was a great experience in itself. The project was developed in Flash and ActionScript 2.0.


aatish said...

its me rt ???

Kumar Ahir said...

actually suri started with u in mind but ended with poo

Arun yashwant said...

Hey Kumar good that u put up this in ur blog .....better is u uploaded the video as well....I have some diff pics i ll upload them soon too