Saturday, February 16, 2008

Young creativity - media strikes

Just few weeks before I got to visit my friends place. A maid servant comes to prepare food at his home. Her young kid scribbled on newspaper and left it. And I happened to notice it. Couldn't help taking photos of it and publish. Well they are exclusively copyrighted :-)
Take a look.

The thought process of that small kid aptly represents the outer world. It can be clearly seen that the small child perceives the world much clearly than we think.
The first image shows what he must have seen on TV, a cricket match and he mentions the names of the teams too. In the second image the scribbles of red color shows his technologically advanced thoughts when he draws a camera in the hand of a person standing in the balcony peeping into other persons room. Doesn't that recall of some breaking news on "Aaj Tak" or similar news channel. During my last project it came out very clearly that viewers of this group largely see such programmes which induces excitement in them. Though they are relatively of no good use they bring drama and after all they are real life which makes them even more exciting. These viewers see these type of (aaj tak, ndtv india etc.) TV news programmes exclusively made to create hype of certain thing and get engaged.
The result is before us. Though I haven't asked the child about the origin of these drawings, it is definite that they are the results of what he must have been watching on TV.


Maulik said...

Wow very interesting. It's always interesting to see what children do.

Kanan said...

Absolutely mind-blowing... thanks for sharing. It makes me think whether we underestimate children sometimes.

This post reminded me of Calvin. :)