Friday, April 18, 2008

Caution: Trojan attack

Hello People. It seems that the blog has got enough attention in the eyes of hackers and spammers that this blog has been continuously attacked by trojan posts. So in case you find any comment made by strange entity please do not click on it to view their profile. It's a trojan. Example user names who were making comments are "akinol" "trojan spirit" etc.
I have been deleting such type of comments to stop it from spreading.
If anybody has clue of how to thwart it let me know.


Kanan said...
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Kanan said...

Thanks Kumar.
There are three other users who post with the name of Guhn, Grogal and JoJosho who are posting links to sites with virus/spam/malware/spyware. Do not click on their profile link or even the link they post. Even their blog site (which appears to be genuine) but actually redirects to their spam site. Don't click it and if you're the owner of the blog, delete their comment. I am going to report their profiles to google folks.

Kanan said...

Here's what you can do to stop them:

(1) Go to Settings -> Comments -> Show word verification for comments? Set it to Yes. This way if it is a machine doing it, it will stop right there.

(2) If the comments don't stop after you put in the word verification, then on that same page, Enable comment moderation? Set it to Yes.


Jaydip Mehta said...

I will have to say 'trojan spirit' does not 'seem' to be a spammer.. Typically spammers post same comment on all the blogs. Look at the comment 'trojan spirit' has made on blog and on

Strange, they are different & one comment has some Gujarati words also in it !!

If you visit his blog, you will understand that KISS means Keep It Simple Stupid.

Though I can not 100% say that 'trojan spirit' is not a spammer, at least it does not 'appear' to be a spammer.

Kumar Ahir said...

@Kanan: i have changed the settings for posting comments.
@jaydeep: trojan spirit led me to one of the spyware sites and that's why I think it's spreading the trojan.



I am neither a trojan virus nor a spammer or a spyware..

I am an undergrad student at Uni. of southern california and we r called trojans so i hv kept this name..

KISS means keep it simple and stupid..Not the real KISS...

So dude, do check out my blog..I dont how my blog took u to a spyware is a genuine blog..