Saturday, June 07, 2008

The multi touch feel

Ok so being an interaction designer you got to do things which makes people say "AHA" or "WOW"
No no it's really not like that. But that's the byproduct of whatever work we do. People are going to exclaim these words implicitly

Stealing some time out from their busy schedule few of the hole-diggers (well this is what we have started calling ourselves at IDC, it's an alias for Interaction Design students @IDC) have planned to make this DDS a big event by putting up some of the works which are going to take the eyes of the audience out from their head. I'm sounding too violent !?!?!.

There was one time during Techfest when even people from Computer Science and Electronics dept. of IIT were found numb looking at the applications designed and developed by Hole diggers.
If you remember I posted about in "Illumiletter" the gesture based input system for drawing and playing with letters. You can see the video here >>

And this time during DDS (Degree 44) we are going to strike back again with some jaw dropping works and experiments. Multitouch applications are in our focus now. We have been working hard on this to get it to work. Thanks to NUIGroup which provided open source files on building these applications and the product.

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