Thursday, November 06, 2008


It's been tradition now at my home that me and my brother come up with new Rangoli designs every Diwali. Both of us get together discuss some sketches and see if they can be done using the available colors or not. And yes budget is also to be considered. Never has happened that our Rangoli costed us more than 50 bucks. No use of stencils. Sheer imagination and hard work.
So this time we though of some freehand. And what else can we think of other than Lord Ganesh himself. He fits in every shape and size, irrespective of his shape and size (no hard feeling here, this is with utmost respect to him). And yes wishing every visitor a new beginning for the new year can be best represented by him. Well when we think of new we think of light and if light be combined with Lord there won't be any darkness.
I don't have initial sketches. I'll just put the final output.


AmiDA said...

nice job!! :)
sure you had a fun Diwali :)

Kanan said...

How I miss those rangolis during Diwali.. my dad used to make them all five days and us kids would roam around helping him when we were younger. Then later on we'd get to do some more things along with our own rangolis but his remain the best til date. You took me back to fun days... I'll see if I can ask uncle to share some of the old photos from those days. Diwali wishes to you!

Kanan said...

I forgot to say I love the gradient effect of the colors. It looks so very beautiful... Ganpati bappa looks adorable there.