Friday, January 30, 2009

Another step forward

Just an edit to this post. I am facing problem uploading/embedding my flash file in wordpress blog. They have banned it for security reasons, unless I host it on my own. So I am figuring it out how to do it. Till then my entries will keep on coming on blogger account at MyDailyFlash.

Now my Flash work is at Wordpress

Taking a step further towards making my online presence and knowledge more wide, I have added a new blog for displaying my experiments with Flash one a day. And this time I have made it in wordpress. As it gives more flexibility in design and adding content. Though I had a tough time getting my conceptual model of wordpress right. Ya ya I am an old blogger user.
So here you go >>


AmiDA said...

where's today's daily flash???? :)

Kumar Ahir said...

I am unable to embed flash on wordpress because they don't have such feature, unless you download there software and host your own blog !!!! this is cumbersome. seems I have to continue using Blogger.

AmiDA said...

blogger rocks ! :)