Thursday, June 18, 2009

Transmedia storytelling and India

Though this term might have been there from some time, I recently discovered it.
Transmedia storytelling as wikipedia says is storytelling across multiple forms of media. This is very new take in industry where they try to split the entire User Experience across multiple media and services. Different sites have been citing different examples to simply understanding this term.
Wikipedia gives examples of Matrix and Batman begins movies where they have tried to put some of the storyline/part into comic books and games to know/understand the content better.

Indian version of this can be cited in movie Krish, where they manufactured toys and props of the movie and sold it. But if you notice we have been doing transmedia storytelling since ages and its not new to India or Indian business. Take for example Ramayan. It there on TV, in comics, on everybodys mind. Though it was limited due to limitations of digital and print media.
So what is the point that I am trying to make here?
It clear. There is lot of opportunities for India to take a deep dive into transmedia storytelling industry and generate revenue. This will not only create employment but also take care of thrusting the product across different stratas of society.

I was just thinking if this can be linked to ultimate User Experience, where its no more limited to the duration of using/consuming the product/service but through out the lifetime.
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Vineeta said...

Oh thats a new term for me as well! Its good publicity and I had liked the idea too especially when Krish movie used it :-)

But I just hope we dont overdo it. Because I remember when Krish got released all the children had that krish mask, krish cover books, krish bottle, krish watch and wat not!! Just imagine if such characters are being sold in all forms, I am sure it will burn a big hole in our pockets :-)

Kumar Ahir said...

Marketing and advertisements use Transmedia storytelling. Storytelling as such is a big domain.

Maulik said...

Would you watch the dark knight on a cellphone or iphone?
I don't understand the relation of storytelling to trandmedia. Storytelling is independent of devices or media. If you are talking about advertising or marketing that's a different game. That's my opinion.

Prashant said...

U got it all wrong.. transmedia storytelling is about exploring different stories via multiple media.. wat krish did was extending the same storyline everywhere.. which is a crossmedia branding.. there is no new story to tell in the examples cited.

Kumar Ahir said...

Oh very correct Prashant.
Citing example of Krish, if you see its comic books there are different stories available. Well you get it for serials like Shaktiman, Chacha Chaudhary etc.