Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cross-Geo team

Gone are the days when team members used to be at one place and they worked together on one project. Well I should have written about this long back, may be before I started my graduation. Coz this scenario has been in existence since the IT boom. Many many products like video-conferencing, tele-conferences, online collaborative tools exists today to bridge the gap of communication between team members located at different geographical locations.
This model works best when you have a shareable component viz. code, word document or something more textual. However communication requiring rich media to be shared becomes difficult.
Say for example designers located in different geographical locations and working on the same project module. Each designer come up with their own set of designs, however and when it comes to inculcate them into one, it becomes difficult in composing one design. There are online softwares available like Google docs, Zoho, Uhuroo which enables multiple editors work on the same document, but they are limited by the textual changes. An editor which allows graphical changes on the same sketch/image by different editors is yet to come. Another thought that cam to my mind is whether designers need such an editor?

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