Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Making an Idea STICK

Well the title of the post is attributed to the book I am reading, "Made to Stick" by Chip and Dan Heath. The authors are brothers majored in Psychology, one is a researcher and other a practitioner, as told in book. The book is about getting your message across and making it stick - remembered by your customers and make an impression.
I am just through the first chapter of the book and I have started seeing difference in whatever I write and speak.
The authors start with a context of the book asking one simple question - Why do we remember some ideas/sentences and its details easily and have difficulty in getting across some wonderful ideas? And the book is all about rephrasing your ideas to make them stick.
First principle is SIMPLE. I mean your idea should be simple. Well I am talking about the language of the idea and not the idea itself. It should be simple enough to be understood by any layman and should not have any room for guessing. It should be useful in making any decision in future by anybody in your company. This is why companies have vision and mission statements. However most of the times they are loaded with lot of ambiguities and multiple focus.
And there are in total 6 to make your idea stick.
If before delivering any message we check it against these principles we are for sure to get it across to the audience and make it stick.

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