Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Pattern with reset button

Check out the granular undo buttons. Now you can undo the the orientation/rotation of individual tile and undo actions in Pattern Unit work area.

Colors on the way !

We do make mistakes, hence we need a reset button. Undo is on the way.


bijuneYYan said...

we do make mistakes, and there are friends to point them out. Hence we need a reset button :P


Aatish Patel said...

I want colors and also Drag and Drop :P, but colors is must ... Lovely

bijuneYYan said...

eggjaactly dude.. otherwise, how can we call this "ragoli'???

Let's push Kumar to the limits :)

Aatish Patel said...

long time bijju dude ..... where are you ....... online aoo lets talk abt your satellite images :P