Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Rangoli / Pattern builder

I had a random thought on patterns when an idea of building an application struck me.
Rangoli is an inherent part of any Indian festival. Specially Diwali and Onam (I don't know when it is made in other regions of India). One of the peculiar feature of Rangoli (traditionally) is that it follows a proper geometric form. Entire area is divided in grid and the dots are joined in certain way to form a pattern. I have used the same idea with a little tweak. I have added to it the feature of tiling. Imagine a tile with some unit pattern drawn on it. If lot of such tiles are placed besides each other they give rise to a an overall beautiful pattern. Each tile may have a different orientation. You can play around with the unit of pattern and see the entire pattern form take shape.
You can try your hands on the application here >>
It's still under constant upgrade. Let me know your thoughts on this.

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bijuneYYan said...

Awesome!! Reminds me of the ultra coding you did for my P3 Project :)

By the way, we need a reset button!!!