Saturday, November 13, 2010

Design : Practice not just theory

Well Design not necessarily means order.
Randomness is an equal contender of being a good Design.
Important aspect of good design is a pattern. A pattern that we have seen somewhere and if we see it again we are sure to relate and recognize and most probably remember.

Take for example the simple dressing that I did for my food. I cut these fruits and put it on plate in some pattern (circular here). And later if you happen to see a webpage or a print on sari which has similar sort of structure/layout your brain will immediately bring forth this pattern and you'll make a relation.

As a Designer you have to keep practicing these traits and everyday routine and that's how it'll get imbibed in your brain, your subconscious mind at least.


dhruvin said...

Very good Kumar. I liked the idea very much that of randomness being a candidate for good design.

Harsh said...

Wel,its true that design need not be an order always. Randomness as you said, is one of the pattern that is a design in itself. But, the fruits that you cut here in the picture, do have an order...circular(u mentioned). Infact i would like to remind you the pattern you use to draw in school in drawing class, which was a perfect example of randomness as a pattern. I still remember it as that is perfectly imbibed in the innermost depth of my subconscious.