Saturday, March 24, 2012

After long time

I am visiting my own online diary after very very long time. And it had taken really long thoughts for me to come back and start writing.
I have been busy with work and life.
And that means learnt a lot. It was all going in head waiting to come out.
And when I start writing I am unable to decide what to write. There is so much of it that I have to sit back again and decide. And in times where microblogging has taken up importance than long paras it becomes rather more difficult. Before writing this I did see what others (those whom am following) have written. And to my astonishment even they (who are regular bloggers) haven't posted since almost a year. Well is this a change that we are seeing.

From a Designers perspective it is very important to understand the psychology shift of users and bloggers. They have moved to a medium which is more close in their vicinity. Users always resort to something that's immediately available to them and try to get their work done as much as possible from that closest object/medium. With the onset of smartphones and cheaper dataplans, users have started blogging or rather giving status updates from mobile itself. Unless long blogging/writing is earning you bread, its highly unlikely that you'll even open a blogger and post.
This also explains the success of twitter, pinterest, facebook. Successful will be the one which allows normal users to bring their small nuggets that they have posted at different places and show up as one big post.

These are times of electronic publishing.

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Kanan said...

After a long time indeed.

Everything has been shorted today. I did miss blogging and hoping to be back to it. No matter how famous microblogging becomes, it just isn't the same and as exciting as those paragraph long posts.