Thursday, September 21, 2006

A multilingual search engine

In Gujarati "bhomiyo" means a person who searches, who is aware of the land ('bhoomi' in hindi and gujurati).

So "Bhomiyo" is a misnomer of gujarati word "bhoomi".

Well now it's time that even internation software giants have to enter local market to benefit. No part of the world which has english as first or second language is left untraced. Now it
's time tht these companies go beyond. Microsoft coming with local version of Windows in Hindi is an obvious sign of this. And google too offers search in different Indian languages.

But this site especially let's you make search in different search engine like MSN, Yahoo and Google. so tht's a meeting point of different search engines.

So don't waste time. Just search.

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Mavjibhai said...

Shri Kumarjee,

By any chance do you have any idea about how to get life sketch of Prof. R.K. Joshi, a pioneer font designer who created among others Mangal Devnagari and Shruti Gujarati fonts, currently default font on windows?

I will be obliged if I can get any hint fro you on my e-mail address: