Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Workshop Week at IDC

We have a workshop week currently going on in IDC.
Different workshops like jewellery design, calligraphy, HCI etc are taking place and giving a chance to people from different streams to peep into other areas.

I have nominated for jewellery design, which I'm very much ignorant about. My knowledge of jewellery does not go beyond ornaments, gold, diamond, platinum and silver. But today I got to know that it's more than that. Even wood, metal, natural things like flower which add to the beauty and give an identity to an individual is termed as jewellery. Well the workshop began with this note and discussion only.

Then we looked at the different tools used by jewellers. Although it was just a limited set of tools, it was quite exhaustive for the workshop. I think it to be a scaled down version of black smith tools. well the effort used here is also scaled down. but the wit is more.

The guide demonstrated making few ornaments like ring, earrings and varied types of design that can be done in few minutes.

Tommorow we will be working on our own design.

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