Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Visit to art Gallery.

Well well well. Designers are supposedly artistic also. They should be sensitive to art work and art as a whole.
And as a part of curriculum - Art, Design and Society we are taught (no no no made) to think like that. And today our visit to the art galleries in Mumbai was planned.

We left at around 4:30 in the evening. Though it was kind of education trip we made it a picnic trip enjoying at every turns of the road singing, dancing and joking. Thanks to long traffic queues of Mumbai.

Reached VT station by 5:30 after which comes the some of the good art galleries in Mumbai. National Gallery of Modern Art, Jehangir Art Gallery and Boddhi art Gallery.

Our first hit was National Art Gallery. The images were well displayed on the walls and sculptors were laid on the floors. I didn't like most of them as they didn't made any sense to me. However some of them touched my heart in a way that they used a different kind of medium to draw.
As I came to the final painting which drawed my attention from far the closing bell of the gallery rang. The painting was awesome in it color combination in the grades of green and beautiful composition. It covered different shades of green starting from floroscent to dark green. It had butterfly flying outlined in white. The painting as a whole was energizing and invigorating. It livened up the spirit with green color and composition of different shades. Well I also liked the works of A. Almelkar. He drew paintings with traditional Indian touch in them. Some of them were "Radha" , "Villagers". He used dotted pattern to make the painting outstand.

After that we went to Jehangir Art Gallery where an exhibition by name "Accurately disproportionate or Disproportionately accurate" was going on.
In the entrance of the exhibition a marvellous work of 3d jigsaw puzzle kind of work was placed.
The work at exhibition included paintings with something to say, experiments with light, stone and bronze sculptor and experiments with light and 2d forms to give a feel of 3d. The later was the most amazing thing to see, how a small cut in the paper and light from behind made a 2d work look like 3d.

We departed at 7:15 from there with many staying back to roam around the town.

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