Monday, November 13, 2006

Visit by Stuart Constantine - founder - Core77

Today we had a visit by the founder of Core77 ( We had some 2 hour long open session with him during which he took us through the evolution of core77.
Well core77 is a design website. You'll ask "what's big deal of being owner of just a site". It's not just site. It's renowned and respected in designers community. You find portfolios of budding and well-known designers posted here. And healthy talk of design going on her. So during the talk he told us about his journey of how core77 came into existence. It was there final semester project at Pratt Institute, New York (Pratt Institute is another well known design institute). They took the project of developing a website. Huh, you say. But it was before some 11 years when www was not so prevalent and thinking of owning a web space was dream. And then later they have to drop their main thesis project and take up this one as the main one. Till now core77 has undergone many reforms. Their path was not going up always. Many a times they got mails of taking down their site when they had changes. Many creative things are found here. Even if you are not a designer do take a glimpse. You'll find some of the very simple but exciting applications.

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