Friday, November 17, 2006

Why do I write when I don't intend to...

I have wondered many a times, why do people (including me) write blogs. Well even though I have answers to this, I keep wondering searching for more reasons.

"I want to highlight my work, my thinking, my thoughts and ideas, to live and leave mark on this virtual space...." and so on are some of the reasons which come straight to my mind. No wonder that people write blogs to move away from their boredom too.

Last night I was going through an interesting article (an assignment given by our professor). It was a compilation of excerpts from a book called "Work and Leisure" by Alsoud Huxley. He talks about the world of previleged who enjoys leisurely time today and the future when it'll be privilege of all to enjoy more free time. With the advancement of technology and machinery performing tasks of human, the working hours will shrink and man will get more time to spend on his own activities (we call this state as leisure). He asked one simple question "What is it proposed that human beings shall do with the leisure which social reorganization and perfected machinery are to give them?" Some of the thinkers answer this by saying "...the human beings of the future would fill their long leisures by contemplating the laws of nature". Hmmmmm, interesting. I think it would be so but not to the extent that only this will prevail.
People will write blogs. he he he.
The author also gives present example of the privileged ones who have lot of time to enjoy their free time and what do they do in it? They go to beaches, party, dance, enjoy long vacation and that's it (Monte Carlo is the place where this happens every year for around 4 months). So where does the notion of work go??
The author gives few hints on what could be the prevalent pass time activities,
"...If tommorrow or a couple of generations hence, it were made possible for all human beings to lead the life of leisure which is now led only by a few, the results, so far as I can see, would be as follows: There would be an enormous increase in the demand for such time-killers and substitutes for thought as newpapers, films, fiction, cheap means of communication and wireless telephones (the author seems to have forgotten internet, blogs, messaging); to put it in more general tem, there would be an increase in the demand for sport and art...."

And I liked this sentence where he talks of saturation from enjoying leisure...
"The interest in the fine art of love-making would be widely extended and enormous numbers of people, hitherto immune from these mental and moral dseases, would be afflicted by ennui, depression and universal dissatisfaction"

However to Tolstoy the whole idea of universal leisure seemed absurd and even wicked. (He should have visited India in present time to see what leisure means here and how people steal time for it). What seemed to Tolstoy important was not that workers should get more leisure but that the leisured should work. Excellent..
And the last statement.
"Leisure is only profitable to those who desire, even without compulsion, to do mental work."

Whoaaa. I think I have enjoyed enough of my leisure and have to get back to studies 'coz my examz are going to start from Monday.

so happy reading in leisure :-)

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