Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Logo - 2

Here comes another one.

This has rounded edges for the main element which shows k (lower case) in a fancy way.
The leg and arm of k is tilted as if to hold globe in it.
It also has 'c' written inside which goes along with rescent
so the word becomes 'k-rescent' or 'crescent'. I have always longed for a company with name crescent and also thought of registering it. But so many companies out there has booked the name.
I have tried to capture and depict the elegance and and charm of a crescent moon as if it happened rescently only.

Meanwhile I was trying to look around web for inspiration and I came across this site.>>
I would just say marvellous

1 comment:

AmiDA said...

the header is super cool!!!!
very adorable....