Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Logo - 1

I have been trying on this since last few years.
Making a logo of my own. Which can depict my personality traits and attitude and skills.

All has been done on paper. So many scribbles and doodles and every time I come up with new idea and the old one stays on paper.

So today before this idea goes off, I quickly implemented it.

Well the logo goes along with Web 2.0 standards ;-)
Typographical elements and principles were used to arrive at this one.
If you see the stem of K is quite thick which means steadiness.
The leg is stretched outside to acquire more strength and if you see carefully, K looks as if it's standing tall.
The orange color gives vigor to logo and the shiny tint gives it advanced professional touch.

Hmmm so lot explained.
Well I have many of them in my mind and on paper. Will be putting up all of them soon.

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AmiDA said...

this is neat!