Sunday, June 24, 2007


It's started raining in Ahmedabad.
After a month long penance of burning in scorching heat Ahmedabad got those heavenly drops at last. And it was amazing. though it was a sort of drizzle it rained continuously at an interval of say 5 mins.
And I was having an excellent time with my best friends roaming around the outskirts of Ahmedabad. I went to a pilgrimage called "Mahudi" 70 kms from Ahmedabad with my friends. And the climate made it an awesome trip never to forget.
At the end we went to see "Jhoom barabar Jhoom" and we were all zooming in and out after watching that movie. Seemed like an Indian pop album and we paid good bucks just for listening this crap movie (oooppps album). Damn me.
Anyways keeping aside this bitter experience we enjoyed the music and dance numbers (still consoling myself).
And now I'm back to work.

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Jigar said...

Hey... I missed it.... kain nahi whenever I will come to Ahmedabad , will enjoy again....