Sunday, June 24, 2007

Advertisment in Times of India

I remember one of my professors telling his initial experiences about design in India.
He had a project of designing an advertisement for a termite removal liquid. And what he did was to create blank space and add a very small patch of that liquid and a dead termite on the border. It was looking quite blank. So in the midst of all letters there appeared a big white patch.
The advertisement was making a statement.
But any ideas what the client said?
"Why should i pay for this big blank space in newspaper? You have done nothing"
So was the design perception in olden days with common man.
And now see.
This advertisement has appeared on the front page of Times of India Ahmedabad edition.
Lot of blank space. Can you imagine the amount that one has spent in securing space on the front page of a leading newspaper and keeping it blank. Nobody questioned this. Why?

Well that's where the time is changing.
The ad tells you nothing but has immense information hidden in it to arouse curiosity in you and wait for what's all about this. and you wait for it to come. That's the bang of designing. Read the small line at the bottom. And it says everything. Let's wait what's next in the sequel, till tommorow.

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Maulik said...

Well yes it's time definitely, that changes people's thinking and so things that do not work in past work in present. But it is really interesting. But I think essentially what we are studying is so much closely related with human psychology.