Monday, September 17, 2007

Dying to post

I'm dying to make new post since last few days, but hardly getting any time.
I have major presentation to be made tommorrow and I'm stuck into many ideas.

Which one to select and which to go further with. Well yes I know about left-right brain theory but there's no time to do so !!!!

jugal bandi

well these are some of the ideas that have been ringing in my mind since last night and i'm not able to properly sleep also.
Am working on Interactive Television project. Tell me what new things do ya want in your TV?

I want my TV to show the dance steps to me. If an actor is performing dance in the video, I want them to be reproduced on floor of my room and I'll also dance to the beats !!!

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Maulik said...

How practical you have to be in your conception? I mean feasibility wise. We just throw crazy ideas or they have to have some feasibility as well?