Thursday, October 04, 2007


At times you enjoy what you are doing. You get involved in it so much that you bother to look at other work, things, happening in your surrounding. But it's something that you should not be doing!! Let's say you have to complete your assignment. But you get involved in doing some other work say, sketching and you enjoy it much. And it's not that you are wasting time sketching. You are learning and you prefer doing it at this time than completing assignments. What do you do then? Dilemma. Big dilemma.
I am in the same situation right now. I'm feeling like reading lots of books and do programming (long hours). I have my project presentation in the coming week and I am very much tensed as what to do. I'm lured by other things. Programming, flash scripting, sketching and reading books.

Well one of the reasons is that I'm stuck in my project at ideation stage. Feeling no idea coming to my head. Even if some come they are slaughtered by logical reasoning and questions of feasibility. It' very necessary to detail them out. But above dilemma takes me away from doing it.
What should I do?


Kanan said...

Begin by brain storming. That's one thing I learned from my technical writing course. I am like you described. Love to do what I want (hobbies that fall under the 'pai ni pedash nahi ne ghaDi ni navrash nahi' category) to do than what I need (homework assignments that have pressing deadlines) to do, specially when the assignment that's due is boring and I have no idea where to start. I remember hating my technical writing course so much and dreaded the writing assignments but some of those same techniques I learned there have come to my rescue at times like this.

If you think you can not concentrate, go away from the place you are in, change the location. Like if you think ideas are not coming sitting at home on desk, go out and sit in a noisy park or next to a busy elevator where people keep coming and going or wherever you feel you have so many other distractions that you're forced to look at the pen and paper in front of you and start writing your thoughts. Try to limit them to what the assignment is about. Let them be as random as possible but make sure they’re related to your assignment. If you cant think, look up at those busy people around… now that’s one source of endless ideas. Once you think you have exhausted all the thoughts and thrown them on that piece of paper (did I already say use more papers if you need to? Yes do that if you like), start looking for the ideas that have something in common and begin grouping them. Eventually these will become the paragraphs in the paper you’re writing.

Now if you're out of ideas altogether, what to do? Discuss with classmates or family/friends and if that’s not possible, well, google is my life-line at that time. I just start putting in all the keywords related to my project/assignment and see what others have to say for them. If google gives random pages, start grouping the words. e.g. Searching for “Abhishek Bachchan” with double quotes around it gives more precise and accurate results than just Abhishek Bachchan. ;)

And last but not least, think of it this way… once you finish that boring assignment, you will have all the time in the world to do what you love to do!! That is to sketch, write flash scripts, and reading books!

I hope some of this will help. Let me know how it goes. :)

AmiDA said...

the phase will pass! :) and we all know you are so cool, which is to say you can handle it!! ;)
chill out birthday boy! :) many wishes.... have a great year ahead :)

Kumar Ahir said...

thanks for the much needed suggestions. well i have tried out some of them and they work real nice. i hv shifted to my friends place and see quite change. hope so this helps in final presentation also.
thanks for the wishes. let's hope the cool persists ;-)