Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday films

Well very rarely do I see two movies in a day. And it was today that this happened. After having a heavy lunch I felt asleep at my workstation itself. Waking up after a while I went to see what others are doing to raise the level of seriousness I had been loosing since last few days. Biju was watching Mr. Bean on Holiday. Though he was listening to it with headphones on I can still make out what's going in the movie. Mr. Bean movies rarely requires you to listen anything. It's always watching and having fun very little verbal comedy.

So in this movie Mr. Bean wins a trip to some famous place (I don't know which coz I wasn't listening). The movie is about his experiences on the trip. I note one thing. Mr. Bean is a very diligent man. Though he doesn't know the priority of his works he does it best whatever he thinks of doing. And this leads to all sorts of problem. But he never took any of them as problem. And that's why at the end he is happiest of all. Simple (huh !! I sometimes behave like that).
That was quite fun watching him do many innocent things.

Later in the evening was the turn for another movie. Well we decided to see "Bhool Bhuliya" a recent Bollywood flick. But then I thought to try some random stuff. So I double clicked "Antitrust". At first I thought I was a romantic drama but later it came out to be something related to all computer programmers and scientists around the world and Business.
This brought the hidden programmer within me on surface and I felt like doing something :D (Mr. Bean effect). Antitrust is a movie which every programmer would love to watch and enjoy and think upon. Tag line "We take nothing seriously unless it's on hard drive". The cast is perfect and sequence of the story is kinda bit fast. Some of the things seems to be exaggerated but it's ok when it's a movie.
Recommended watching : Mr. Bean and Antitrust

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Kanan said...

That was nice. I haven't watched Antitrust yet. I'm also a Mr. Bean fan and I liked the way you analyzed his movies.

Btw, have you seen this one already? Mr Bean vs Whistler's Mother. It's one of my favorites of Mr. Bean. :D

ps. I am glad you decided to do something random instead of watching Bhul Bhulaiya.