Saturday, May 03, 2008

Break free

I have always loved to go out. Wander and roam here and there. Just feeling free, exploring the unexplored, enjoying unexpectedness and surprise. Unknown places lure me.

One of my wishes in life is to visit as many places in the world as possible.
First I shall start with my very own state Gujarat then country and if time permits World.
There is so much to see and relish in India that I think I'll hardly make to go out of it atleast in this life. May be God give me a second chance.

Sudden change in mood is the resultant of constant work pressure that has been bugging me since last few months.

Wanna break free from this schedule.

That's it.


Maulik said...

I know how you feel.

AmiDA said...
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AmiDA said...

want to do Gujarat on wheels!! :) the whole of India for that matter.. Cant wait...

Kanan said...

Wow what a thought! It's like telepathy... sometimes it makes me think I want to quit job and go travel the world, while my limbs still can afford to do that. I seem to be too busy to earn that money for it but then what is it for? May be the idea of taking unpaid vacations for a month every year are worth giving a try.