Monday, May 05, 2008

Prem Joshua

You got to listen to the music this person creates.
Prem Joshua
It's incredible, it's soothing and it blows your mind completely with the silence and peace it provides. I have been listening to all his albums since last few months. Since the first day I listened to his music no day goes without listening to any of his tracks.
I have become a great fan of his composition.

Prem plays Indian fusion. Well I don't have any knowledge of music but I can still comment on what's good and what's bad. A pull of single chord and every beat of Prem's composition strikes. The neurons in my brain are stimulated the moment I listen. Especially "Bombay Railways" from his "Taranga" album is superb.

Visit his site at >>

Some of the compilations are available for free to listen at >>


AmiDA said...

yeah he's very good at fusion.. i loved his 'sky kisses earth' and 'earth kisses sky'..

AmiDA said...

million thanks for sharing!! :) just listened to sky kisses earth, a long time favorite.. i used to have his cassettes and play them over and over again :)
taranga is wonderful as well!

Kanan said...

Wonderful stuff! I was first introduced to his work a few years ago when I visited the website of a local restaurant Shiva's. I remember keeping their website open for like entire day just so that I can listen to this clip. I think it's same one Ami mentioned. I am yet to listen to more of his goodies but will surely check them out now. It's amazing and relaxing!