Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cheap softwares

Well don't raise your ears here.
By cheap I mean cheap on computer resources. Today softwares are studded with extra features and information other than it's main functionality.
Take for example mp3 player software. The main function is to play the music. But software make other information/features available and make them CPU and memory expensive, consuming more runtime resources like RAM and CPU.
  • Different type of views for the list of songs-artist, genre, album -why the hell do we need to see songs in different ways. we just want to listen. show them in the most easy way and that's it.
  • equalizer. that's fine for music composer. Apart from presets how many of the music listeners do actually use this feature.
  • themes- customization/ornamentalization of the player is ok to certain extent. but why would a listener bother to change each and every button of the player?
  • visualization. apart from parties while doing some other work will a listener bother to being a viewer too?? No need to have flowers running all over your computer screen and consume important resources while you have more important things to do.
So in a nutshell I was looking for some mp3 player which will just let me listen songs and be very delicate on my CPU and RAM.
And I found "sheep's billy".

Billy is a lightweighted no nonsense audio player that allows you to quickly play an entire directory of MP3 files. Though it doesn't support all the file formats, it is very quick and prompt.
Get Billy here >>

Also take a look at other application the guy who call himself "sheep" has developed. All feather light applications. Well this has motivated me to build something like this myself.
Adobe AIR. You can build widgets which are very lightweight.
Hope to post it soon.

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