Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Design resource

This is a nice collection for getting enough to start the work and boost your brain

Interesting menus - Some Google work
http://www.google. co.uk/landing/ thingstodo/ #tip36

30 Beautiful Photoshop Illustration Tutorials
http://sixrevisions .com/graphics- design/30- beautiful- photoshop-
illustration- tutorials/

Phonographantasmasc ope - Must see!
http://in.youtube. com/watch? v=to99C-0cLGE

80 Graphic Design Links You Can't Live Without
http://outlawdesign blog.com/ 2008/80-graphic- design-links- you-cant-

7 Ingredients Of Good Corporate Design
http://www.smashing magazine. com/2008/ 10/06/7-ingredie nts-of-good-

Top Ten Things They Never Taught You at Design School
http://www.designob server.com/ archives/ entry.html? id=121

Graphic Exchange - portfolio
got this from Dhairya

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AmiDA said...

it is fun to see how most designers have little education in the field.. they train themselves to polish their innate talents..
so impressive!!