Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Google goggles

Ever been in situation when you had just hit send button of your email and repented of not doing so?? Well many of us have been victim of such conditions when we do that's not intended or that's not the right thing to do at that time.

So gmail team has come up with a new feature in their labs edition. It's Gmail Goggles.

What goggle does is to divert your attention to some other thing when you are going to take a critical decision so that you get enough time gap to rethink on it. It does this trick by giving you simple math problems of addition, multiplication etc. when you hit send button. Once you solve the problems correctly your message is send. And yes you still have time to revert or discard your message. You can set time when you want this feature available. Say Friday nights after parties you are most likely to be in unstable state of mind. So you enable this feature to work for Friday nights. And then whichever mail you compose and send on Friday nights will encounter goggles filter.
To enable this option go to Settings and then Lab option tab.

Happy goggling.


Jaydip Mehta (JD) said...

Wow ! Quite useful feature .. Thanks for so informing post ..

Also there is one more very very useful feature in gmail labs .. It remind you, if you forget (we do this quite frequently) to attach something .. :-)

Kumar Ahir said...

gmail labs does wonderful things. but these needs to be noticed by common man.

I think google should tap the unexplored market of India.
mail client for newbies to computer, whose sole purpose is to send and receive mails.