Thursday, October 02, 2008

Trying out Gtalk Labs edition

I got to know from my friend that Google is trying out hands on Gtalk in their labs. And it's available for download to test it out. So I just went ahead and downloaded this new kiddie with lot of enthusiasm, anxious to see what new has Google team done with Gtalk.

But after installing it and using I just can't bear it for more than few minutes. I uninstalled it. Listed below are some of the usability issues I found with it.
  • they have put all chat windows into one. there is no liberty of moving (drag-drop) of different chat windows of different users
  • sign out option is removed from chat window
  • you need to right click on icon in task bar and then sign out
  • limited settings options
  • the title text color is grey which doesn't go well with blue tint of chat box
  • when u are chatting with someone you can't say who's online
    closing the any chat window will bring up the last left chat window on top rather than the adjacent one

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