Sunday, October 05, 2008

Savouring Savior Sandwich

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There is only one person in a big 2 BHK flat doing nothing but surfing internet watching youtube videos, indian idol 4 videos and reading novel "Life of Pi". It's 1:30 PM and he is still looking for options to have lunch at. He had tried and tested almost all the nearby restaurants and they all seem to be old and tasteless to him. He is hungry. Well he has no hard cash in his pocket too and there are no ATMs nearby. What can be done? Well he is a designer. And Designers don't despair of any limitation or constraint. So was I. And then started the quest to get something yummy in my tummy.
Quickly went to nearby Food Bazaar. The items on list were bread, cheeze spread, tomato sauce, aloo sev and whatever I think was important. I managed to get all the required things to make a goodie sandwich and have treat of the day, rather week.
So here lies all the raw materials to make a yummy vegetable sandwich.
We have cucumber, white bread, capsicum, aloo nimbu sev from famous Haldiram namkeen, Everest chat masala for that extra chatkaaraa, Maggi Pichkoo tomato sauce, Milkmaid cheeze spread with Mexican chilli ting and yes an empty stomach to grab all this in.
Well I made different types of and flavors of sandwiches but I'll show the one I liked most.
It all starts with a bare bread.
This was a freshly baked white bread and as soft as cotton. So won't be any problem nibbling. Add a layer of cheeze spread to two slices of the bread.

Here's the cheeze spread. After applying cheeze I added a bit of emotion to it to make it more soothing to my heart. I wrote my and my beloveds initials K and F. And it was looking an awesome topping. Thought of doing some typography with tomato sauce someday. May be next time.

And now is the time to add some crunch and munch to the food. So here comes special Haldiram sev with nimboo paani. (chatkaaraa lag gayaa naa??)

And then it was the time for cucumber to get laid. Ummhhh (do I hear any mumbles??) I meant to lay cucumber pieces as stuff.

And now the final layer of ccccrunchy capsicum cut in very ornamental shape. After adding some more crunch with a sprinkle of Haldiram sev, the sandwich was finally ready to be eaten.
And what will be best way to eat this. With none other than Indian Idol 4.


aatish said...

hehehe, atleast ek tho aisa field mila jaha me kumar bhayya se age hu :P Bhayya the day you prepared this maine Soya ki subjjii banaii khud se ....... and guess wat it tasted much better than ma mom made subjji ...... may be because i made it and i was very hungry :P

so when i com to pune next tim will try these things.....

hmmm so keep it up ....... aur vo sale lukke arun aur varun ko bhi kuch sikhana ....... :)

Maulik said...

hmmm so you started this stuff too :)

What's with tiny fonts jawan?