Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Composition of Life

Life is constituted of experiences.

They are of three types: physical, emotional and intellectual. The quality and
quantity of experiences determine the nature of life. If your experiences are
happy, your life is happy. If they are unhappy, it is unhappy. If dynamic, it is
dynamic. If dull, it is dull. Therefore, to bring about a chnage in your life
you need to change your experiences. An experience is a unit of life. It is made
up of you, the experiencing subject and the world, the experienced object. The
union of the subject and object, you and world brings about an experience. It is
like a chemical reaction between two chemicals. If you wish to enrich your life
you must deal with its constituents. Improve both, the world and you. Study the
naure of the world you contact. Develop it to the extent possible. Also study
the structure of your personality. Improve it as well. When the constituents are
bettered, the experiences arising out of their union must necessarily improve.
then the law applies - as the experieences so the life. Your life takes a turn
for the better.

And excerpt taken from "The Eternities - Vedanta Treatise" by A. Parthasarathy. I am reading this book these days. Very good for self realization.

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