Saturday, March 20, 2010

PatternMaker with colors !

Shown below are some of my quick creations in PatternMaker aka Rangoli app(screenshots)

Click on image below to open the app.

And now comes PatternMaker with Color options. Though the currently colors are not user configurable. Each time you click on the shape you get a random color. I have intentionally kept the tool/application simpler in operation to keep down the complexity of having too many options. Though I am working at making the color selection more simpler than just adding a colorPicker !
The undo has become a little buggy after color change is introduced. Will fix it soon.
One most important feature that the app is lagging is save option. Will be done in next release. Till then you have to resort to printscreen option.


Dhairya Dand said...

Ultracool !!!

Some of the features I would like to see -
1. A unique URL given to my pattern so that I can share with others.
2. A Save option as you suggested.
3. Rotate all cells as opposed to individual cells.
4. User defined colors as you listed - but do keep the random color option - it's fun !

Keep the good work going !

Sachin T. Ghodke said...

Good work Kumar...Liked it!

Bhavik said...

Too good Kumar... its really fantastic.

riyaj said...

still analyzing it bt liked it for sure!

sURi said...

hmmm... mast...
i liked it so much that i did this out of it :P

keep rocking!

Kumar Ahir said...

Thanks guys for all good works.
@ dhairya: will consider taking up your options. save, share url and user defined color option for user
@suri : nice animation. well that brings to my mind another cool feature of recording your steps and playing the animation !